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Dr. Alan Bauman: Talks Latanoprost for Scalp Hair Growth (Video)

Dr. Bauman explains the hair growth benefits of Latanoprost and how to use it combined with other hair loss treatments.

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Dr. Alan Bauman: Talks Latanoprost for Scalp Hair Growth (Video)

(Video Transcript)

Hey everybody! It’s Dr. Alan Bauman from Bauman medical hair transplant and hair loss treatment center coming to you on behalf of Strut.

And, the question for today is: What does a glaucoma drug have to do with eyelash growth and scalp hair growth?

Stay tuned, we’re going to find out if Latanoprost is a game changer for your hair loss situation.

So, question for today, can Latanoprost be helpful in your hair loss situation?

Well, I first learned about Latanoprost, which is a certain type of prostaglandin analog, way back when we first started doing eyelash transplant surgery.

A good friend of mine, an ophthalmologist, told me that he was using this new glaucoma drug to treat his patients that had glaucoma, and they were growing eyelashes thick, and strong, and long. And, that I should maybe try that for my eyelash patients.

So, we did actually, and we discovered that Latisse, which is Bimatoprost, had a very powerful effect on lengthening eyelashes.

And since then it’s been FDA-approved as an eyelash drug.

And so as a member of this prostaglandin analog family, we’ve seen prostaglandin analogs like Bimatoprost and Latanoprost, being used for hair growth. Not just in the eyelashes, but also in the eyebrows, and also scalp hair.

And there have been some interesting studies on Latanoprost, in conjunction with Minoxidil and also by itself, to help prolong and enhance anagen, which is the hair growth phase of the hair follicle.

So, this medication does not affect hormones in the body, so it can be used by both men and women topically on the scalp.

It’s typically applied directly to the areas of concern. 

And, the studies have shown, as it stimulates anagen and prolongs the anagen phase, the weaker wispier hairs are now becoming longer and thicker and sometimes even darker over time, which can improve hair growth and improve the look and the feel and the volume and the density of your hair.

Latanoprost can be used in combination with other hair growth treatments that you might be using.

So, if you’re taking oral medication, or you are using, for example, topical Minoxidil, you can add another topical that contains Latanoprost into your regimen to get a stronger improvement.

And, there are some really good studies out there in the published, peer-reviewed, clinical research, double-blind randomized controlled studies, that show that there are some nice improvements when you use Latanoprost in conjunction with Minoxidil or even by itself.

And I’ll include those links below that you can check out:

1. Latanoprost and minoxidil: Comparative double-blind, placebo-controlled study for the treatment of hair loss

2. A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled pilot study to assess the efficacy of a 24-week topical treatment by latanoprost 0.1% on hair growth and pigmentation in healthy volunteers with androgenetic alopecia

3. Lasers, lights, and compounds for hair loss in aesthetics

The Strut Hair Booster, which I’m really super excited about, contains not just Latanoprost, but also contains Melatonin and Biotin, and this can be added to your Minoxidil regimen.

So, if you’re already using a topical medication and you feel like you’ve kind of plateaued and getting the same results that you’ve gotten for a while and you want to give yourself a little bit more oomph, a little bit more action on your hair growth treatment.

Then you may want to try the Strut Hair Booster: Melatonin, Latanoprost, Caffeine, Biotin all together can be applied directly to the scalp in conjunction with the current medications that you’re using.

Well, if you want that extra boost to your regimen, check out the Strut Hair Booster.

And, also, don’t forget to check out my other videos here and the blogs on Strut.

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