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Dr. Alan Bauman: Review of Strut Hair Booster with Latanoprost (Video)

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Dr. Alan Bauman: Review of Strut Hair Booster with Latanoprost (Video)

(Video Transcript)

Hey everybody! It’s Dr. Alan Bauman from Bauman Medical Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Treatment Center on behalf of Strut with you today to talk about an exciting new compounded pharmaceutical treatment for hair growth that’s called the Strut Hair Booster with Latanoprost.

And, so, I wanted to tell you about the ingredients in the Strut Hair Booster. It contains a prostaglandin analog, that’s Latanoprost. It also contains Melatonin as well as Caffeine, and Biotin. 

It all comes together in one solution.

And, so, if you’re looking for something that doesn’t contain Minoxidil or Finasteride in a topical, you may want to consider the Strut Hair Booster.

Again, it does not contain Minoxidil or Finasteride, although it can be used in combination with topical Finasteride, Dutasteride, or Minoxidil if you wish.

There’s a lot of good evidence on prostaglandin analogs and hair regrowth. You may be familiar with Latisse, the eyelash growth drug, that’s Bimatoprost, and so Latanoprost is in the same category. 

And, there were some studies on Latanoprost and hair growth that showed an increase in terminal hair density.

It’s combined with Melatonin, there’s some good studies out there on Melatonin and hair growth from about 10 years ago or so. Melatonin was originally tested in sheep to produce more wool, and then we saw that it worked for androgenetic alopecia as well.

So, again, increases in terminal hair density, increases in length and thickness and caliber of hair.

And, so, Latanoprost and the Melatonin can work together as anagen-promoting agents, as well as anagen-prolonging agents.

So, whenever you use an anagen-promoting or prolonging agent, remember that you can see some shedding sometimes when you start those therapies. So don’t panic, stick with it.

The other ingredients, Biotin and Caffeine, also important in the treatment of hair loss.

We know, of course, Biotin is vitamin H, and caffeine has some really, really powerful anti-aging effects on the scalp and can block the effects of DHT as well.

So, I encourage you to check it out. They have a lot of links below on the studies that I have just mentioned regarding Latanoprost and hair growth as well as Melatonin, Caffeine, and the other ingredients. 

And, I encourage you to check it out, again, if you want something that’s not a Finasteride, Dutasteride, or Minoxidil-containing ingredient. Something that’s not going to modulate your hormones. You may want to check out the Strut Hair Booster.

We recommend using it once a day to start, so let us know how things are going. Keep us posted with your progress, and again, check the links below.

Thanks, it’s been Dr. Alan Bauman on behalf of Strut.

Learn more about NEW Strut Hair Booster with Latanoprost

If you are interested in learning more about our NEW Strut Hair Booster with Latanoprost, head on over to the Strut Hair Booster product page. There we have FAQs, details on the ingredients, and references to studies on the actives.

Strut Hair Booster is appropriate for most patients, male or female, making this a great way to get started with hair loss treatment, or a good addition to your current regimen.

If you are ready to try it out, simply add the Strut Hair Booster to your cart, complete a free online questionnaire and image-based telemedicine consult, and checkout in under 15 minutes.

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