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Dr. Alan Bauman: Does Enclomiphene or High Testosterone Levels Increase Hair Loss? (Video)

Dr. Bauman explains if testosterone boosting medications or high testosterone levels can cause or accelerate hair loss.

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Dr. Alan Bauman: Does Enclomiphene or High Testosterone Levels Increase Hair Loss? (Video)

(Video Transcript)

Hey, everybody! It's Dr. Alan Bauman from Bauman Medical Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Treatment Center coming to you today on behalf of Strut.

And, one of the common questions that I get is, does testosterone boosting agents or testosterone itself cause hair loss? 

So, there are many ways to boost testosterone including medications like enclomiphene, Clomid, also called clomiphene, even just regular old testosterone, and even lifestyle changes, resistance training, and so forth, can boost up testosterone. 

So how does this impact hair loss? What’s the relationship between testosterone, hair loss, and these testosterone-boosting agents? Stay tuned. I'm gonna share that information with you.

So we've covered before the relationship between testosterone and other androgens, like DHT, and hair loss. And we know that it's the metabolite of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (or DHT) in the body that can trigger male pattern hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia. 

But actually, it's not the actual amount of DHT that causes the hair loss, but actually your susceptibility to it. Your genetic susceptibility. So what you inherited from your mom's side or your dad's side, if you're sensitive to DHT, you could be at risk for male patterned hair loss. 

One of the more common misconceptions is that if you have male pattern hair loss, you automatically have high testosterone levels, and that's not necessarily the case. You may just have a sensitivity to DHT.

So if you're a man and you're experiencing hair loss at a very young age, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have high testosterone levels. It just means that you're sensitive to DHT. 

Now if you're doing something to increase your testosterone or maintain your testosterone levels, which would be helpful for longevity, health, and wellness, to maintain good muscle mass, and so forth, you could be doing things such as getting better sleep, doing resistance training, taking supplements, or using testosterone replacement or medications that could enhance your testosterone levels.

If you do enhance testosterone levels, more testosterone will get converted into DHT. So if you happen to be susceptible to male pattern hair loss, by increasing testosterone, you could increase your risk of male pattern hair loss or the speed at which male pattern hair loss occurs.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of information in the clinical literature on whether medications like Clomid, enclomiphene, clomiphene, or even testosterone replacement accelerates male pattern hair loss or not, but we've seen it here in the clinic. 

And so what could we do about it? Well, it's important if you're at risk for male pattern hair loss and you're increasing your testosterone levels to use some kind of protection against DHT, that could be finasteride or dutasteride. 

We can also make the follicles more resilient medication-wise using minoxidil or other treatments such as PRP or laser light therapy. 

So if you think that you might be at risk for androgen-related hair loss, testosterone-related hair loss, DHT causing your hair loss, then reach out to a Strut physician today, and we'll get the situation under control and handled. 

And don't forget to check out my other videos and blog post here on the website.

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