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Dermarolling With Minoxidil: How To Use Them Together for Hair

Learn how to pair your minoxidil treatments with a scalp dermaroller for better results.

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If you want to develop a hair loss treatment regimen, it turns out that you may want to look to a few different things instead of settling on just one.

For instance, using a topical Minoxidil treatment as well as pairing it with dermarolling on occasion may help you develop better results than using just one of these approaches alone.

Below, we will cover the basics of what you need to know about dermarolling and Minoxidil including what these two approaches can do for your scalp and hair, how to use Minoxidil after dermarolling, and how often you may want to pair these treatments.

Can using Minoxidil after dermarolling lead to better hair results?

We still have more to go research-wise to figure out just how much these two approaches can build on each other, but the info that we currently have points to an additive effect of dermarolling and using Minoxidil.

In one study, 100 men with various levels of androgenetic alopecia were randomized into groups to apply either 5% Minoxidil twice daily, or 5% Minoxidil twice daily along with a once-weekly dermarolling treatment. At the end of 12 weeks, the Minoxidil plus microneedling group had significantly greater hair counts, investigator evaluations, and self-evaluations as compared to the Minoxidil-only group.

How to use Minoxidil after using a dermaroller

Exactly how to use topical Minoxidil after using a dermaroller may be up for debate a little bit. You may find different sources saying different timelines or approaches here.

The issue is that since the dermaroller will be making tiny punctures in your scalp, you want to space out the topical Minoxidil application by some time frame to help avoid extra stinging or burning that could come from applying a formula on the freshly derma-rolled scalp.

In the study mentioned above, patients were advised to go into the clinic for a dermarolling session, and then only start applying the Minoxidil 5% lotion again after 24 hours. However, other sources may suggest applying the topical Minoxidil after 20-30 minutes after dermarolling.

So, try to wait at least 30 minutes after dermarolling to apply your topical hair loss treatment, but waiting to apply until 24 hours after seems to still be beneficial as well. Try out a few different approaches and see which one works the best for you, without causing too much stinging or irritation from being too soon after dermarolling.

How often to use a dermaroller with Minoxidil treatments

The usual directions for using a topical Minoxidil treatment will be to apply it topically to the scalp once or twice daily. However, this is likely way to often to be also dermarolling the scalp.

So, plan on using your Minoxidil treatment once or twice daily, and just mixing in dermarolling on a schedule that works for you.

In the study above, they had dermarolling treatments with a 1.5mm dermaroller once weekly. You may want to start with this, or even stretch it to every 2 weeks depending on how your scalp is handling it.

If your dermaroller is shorter, you may feel comfortable dermaroller more often, maybe twice a week. But, be careful not to overdo it and keep an eye on how your scalp is feeling. If it is still pretty tender from the last session, give it more time.

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