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Can You Get Tretinoin Over the Counter?

Learn about if you can get Tretinoin products over the counter, and how you can safely get tretinoin online through telemedicine companies.

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Can you get Tretinoin skincare products over the counter?

The short answer is - no.

Tretinoin is similar to retinoid products that are available over the counter like Retinol, but since it is significantly stronger, the medical world decided that you are better off only using this potent product under the watchful eye of a doctor and you can only get Tretinoin with a prescription.

What is the difference between Tretinoin and Retinol?

Tretinoin is like Retinol’s buff older brother.

While both Tretinoin and Retinol fall under the same category (retinoids), some studies estimate that Tretinoin is about 20 times stronger than its over-the-counter cousin Retinol.

This means that you are much more likely to have significant and obvious skin improvements from Tretinoin, but you will likely have a more intense adjustment period after starting treatment with Tretinoin including redness, stinging, irritation, or peeling.

Luckily, this adjustment period tends to only last a few weeks and then dissipates to reveal the anticipated skin benefits.

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What does Tretinoin do for your skin?

Tretinoin has been touted for a few different skin issues.

Anti-aging benefits have been seen with Tretinoin usage including skin smoothing, and fine line prevention by boosting rapid new cell turnover.

Acne Scar fading has been noted for the same skin cell turnover mechanism, helping the site rebuild indentations and raised areas to help deliver a less obvious scar.

Finally, Tretinoin is very popular for extreme Acne cases. Along with its new skin cell turnover powers, Tretinoin can help clean out pores, regulate skin oil production, and reduce inflammation.

How to get Tretinoin skincare products?

Since Tretinoin is a prescription-only ingredient, any product which contains Tretinoin, whether it is a tablet or a cream or a compounded medication, you will need a prescription from a U.S. licensed doctor to get Tretinoin.

You can mention some of your skin woes to your primary care doctor or dermatologist to see if Tretinoin therapy is appropriate for you.

You can also have a Free Online Visit with our U.S. licensed doctors to see if Tretinoin therapy is a good direction for your beautiful skin goals.

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Strut Anti-Aging and Strut Acne formulas with Tretinoin

Strut Anti-Aging formula and Strut Acne formula contain Tretinoin as the star ingredient as well as other medications that fit with each skin issue.

Strut Anti-Aging formula highlights the skin-turnover and fine line fading benefits of Tretinoin while pairing it with hydration boosting Hyaluronic Acid and a soothing B-Vitamin.

Strut Acne formula is a doctor and pharmacist formulated blend of skin-clearing ingredients including a topical antibiotic, Tretinoin, and Niacinamide to help target acne from all angles.

Want to see if our professional formulas are a good fit for your skin issues?

Have a Free Online Visit with our doctors today. If you are a good candidate for any of our Tretinoin formulas, your specific prescription can be shipped directly to your front door.

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