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Can You Buy Enclomiphene Over the Counter?

Learn if you can legally and safely buy the medication enclomiphene over the counter.

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Enclomiphene is an oral medication that is sometimes used off-label for low testosterone levels in men (hypogonadism).

Since low testosterone levels can affect many aspects of health and well-being in men, it makes sense that you would want this to be corrected immediately.

Enclomiphene is not a testosterone replacement therapy, but it has been shown to help induce the body to make more of its own testosterone and increase low levels. Also, enclomiphene may be more beneficial for men who have not had a family yet, as it seems to not come along with some of the potential testicular shrinkage or low sperm count risks that can happen with raw testosterone replacement.

For these reasons, many men are looking for a source of enclomiphene, including if it is available over the counter. 

Below, we will review if you can get enclomiphene over the counter, if every pharmacy can carry enclomiphene, and ways to safely source this medication from compounding pharmacies online.

Is enclomiphene available over the counter?

Enclomiphene is a prescription-only active ingredient. In the U.S., it is part of a prescription-only medication, Clomid.

For this reason, you will not find enclomiphene available over the counter. 

And, if you see enclomiphene being sold without a prescription, be wary of that source entirely, as a prescription is legally required to dispense enclomiphene.

Can you get enclomiphene from any pharmacy?

So, since we just said that enclomiphene is a prescription-only medication, that means that you should be able to get it from any pharmacy, right? Not exactly.

Enclomiphene alone is not currently available as a manufactured medication – like a pressed tablet or capsule from a pharmaceutical company.

This means that regular retail pharmacies don’t have any way to obtain this medication, since they only sell pre-manufactured medications sourced from pharmaceutical companies.

Currently, a compounding pharmacy would be the only type of pharmacy that would be able to source the raw enclomiphene powder and turn it into a capsule or tablet for you to use (per a doctor’s prescription order).

Can you buy enclomiphene from an online compounding pharmacy?

There are legitimate online telemedicine platforms that work with compounding pharmacies, and U.S. doctors and pharmacists where you can source enclomiphene safely.

One of these resources is through us, here at Strut Health.

To get started, simply select our Strut Mojo enclomiphene capsule, and complete a free online questionnaire-based consultation. Then, we will ask you to complete a testosterone test (you can get a testosterone test kit directly from us, if you prefer), so we can review the results and make sure enclomiphene is an appropriate treatment for you. If it is, then our U.S. doctors will develop a treatment plan for you and your enclomiphene will be shipped to your front door with our free shipping.

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