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‍Top 7 Best Anti-Redness Face Masks for Rosacea in 2021

Looking for the best anti-redness face masks for rosacea-prone skin? Learn more about our 7 favorites here.

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Dealing with a flare-up and on the hunt for the best face mask for rosacea?

Well, we’ve rounded up some of the best redness control face masks for you. These masks are soothing, calming, repairing, and might help reduce stubborn redness. 

When it comes to rosacea, it’s best to use a multi-pronged approach that involves: adjusting diet, protecting from UV rays, using topical vasoconstrictors, and simple, soothing skincare

At Strut Health, we know how frustrating a rosacea flare-up can be. We know the feeling of trying to use every possible resource to calm a flare-up. It’s definitely an all-hands-on-deck approach to keep rosacea symptoms at bay.  

So, we hope this list of our top 7 best face masks serves you well. 

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The top 7 best face masks for rosacea  

These masks all have positive reviews from rosacea-prone individuals like you. The stamp of unbiased approval is found across honest reviews.

These are all designed with sensitive skin in mind, however, it’s best to investigate the ingredients to look for any personal rosacea triggers.

SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque - Bellaire Dermatology
Best For Irritated Skin: Best Face Mask For Rosacea

1. Phyto Corrective Botanical Masque by SkinCeuticals $59.00

This gel mask can be worn for long periods of time to help soothe and calm the skin. This is hydrating, cooling and reduces irritation and redness. Made with botanical extracts hyaluronic acid and dipeptides, this is a go-to mask. : BENTON Good Bye Redness Centella Mask Pack 23g 10 Pack -  Contains 45% Centella Asiatica, Hydraitng & Soothing Facial Mask Sheet,  Rednes Relief and Skin Troubles, for Senstivie and Irritated
Best For Redness: Best Face Mask For Rosacea

2. Goodbye Redness Centella Sheet Mask Pack by BENTON $28.00 

Everybody loves a good sheet mask, but this one is specifically designed for redness, inflammation, and irritation control. Made with Centella Asiatica leaf water and hyaluronic acid, this sheet mask is seriously soothing. Reviewers say it calmed rosacea flare-ups and eczema-prone skin.   

ZENMED - Anti-Redness Mask 70ml | Dermacare
Best Calming Mask: Best Face Mask For Rosacea

3. Anti-Redness Mask by ZENMED $29.95

Using the anti-inflammatory properties of Willow Bark Extract, this gel mask treatment is very calming for irritated skin. Green tea and cucumber help to reduce redness fast. Reviewers say this mask is effective at reducing redness and irritation in rosacea flare-ups. 

Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask | Beautypedia
Best Nourishing Mask: Best Face Mask For Rosacea

4. Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask by First Aid Beauty $24.00

Oatmeal and rosacea-prone skin are a match made in soothing, anti-redness heaven. Oatmeal (commonly listed as Avena Sativa Oat Bran or flour) is a great remedy for dry, or irritated skin. This mask may help calm and nourish inflamed skin.

Buy Eminence Organic Skin Care Calm Skin Masque at
Best Anti-Inflammatory Mask: Best Face Mask For Rosacea

5. Calm Skin Arnica Masque by Eminence Organic Skin Care $56.00

Arnica is a well-known anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent that can help with comforting inflamed skin. This calming mask also utilizes horse chestnut which helps with reducing redness. If your skin is red and angry, this arnica mask might help.

MARIO BADESCU Azulene Calming Mask 2oz - Larchmont Beauty Center
Best Calming Mask: Best Face Mask For Rosacea

6. Azulene Calming Mask by Mario Badescu $20.00

This soothing mask is non-drying (unlike hardening clay masks) and delivers a light but effective moisturization via natural ingredients like oatmeal, biotin, and olive leaf extract. Reviewers said that this relieving mask helped soothe skin and reduced redness and irritation. 

Avène Antirouguers CALM Soothing Mask | Ulta Beauty
Best Anti Redness Mask: Best Face Mask For Rosacea

7. Antirougeurs CALM Soothing Mask by Avène $35.00 

This soothing mask helps to calm skin with the key anti-redness ingredient TRP-Regulin which reduces redness, inflammation, and swelling. If your face is dry, red, and inflamed, this creamy non-setting calming mask might be able to help. Many rosacea-prone reviewers say they love it and would recommend it to anyone with sensitive flushing skin.

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If you’re rosacea-prone and dealing with red, inflamed, itchy skin, it might be time to consider prescription solutions that can be used daily to manage symptoms.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for rosacea, but there are great topical solutions that may help. 

Strut Health formulates custom rosacea prescription formulas that are created based on your specific needs.

We use a combination of prescription ingredients to help counteract specific symptoms. Our patients find great relief in our custom formulas and are priced affordably so you can sustain your rosacea relief. 

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