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B12 Deficiency Hair Loss & How to Regrow Your Hair Fast

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Could a vitamin B12 deficiency be causing your hair loss? Maybe. 

Deficiency in this essential vitamin has been linked to hair loss

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that plays an important role in DNA synthesis, neurological function, and red blood cell formation. It is also among some of the most important vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy hair growth. 

If you’re wondering if your hair loss is connected to vitamin B12 and are looking for ways to correct this hair loss -- read on. 

The connection between vitamin B12 and hair loss  

Vitamin B12 affects hair growth by affecting the health of the hair follicles. In order for hair to be strong and healthy, each strand of hair needs good access to blood and nutrient supply via a hair follicle. 

B12 is responsible for creating and delivering oxygen-rich red blood cells to hair follicles, which keeps hair happy and healthy. 

When your B12 levels are too low, and hair loss begins, it’s possible that your hair follicles aren’t receiving adequate amounts of oxygen-rich blood, hindering their strength and their growth cycle. 

Vitamin B12 deficiency may also be linked to premature greying. 

Signs of a vitamin B12 deficiency 

Hair loss or hair thinning is certainly not the only sign of a vitamin B12 deficiency. If you are running low on the vital vitamin, you might experience the following symptoms:

  • Hair thinning
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Loss of appetite
  • Numbness in hands or feet
  • Palpitations 
  • Disturbed vision
  • Disturbances in balance 
  • Mood changes and irritability

Who is most at risk for a vitamin B12 deficiency?

A vitamin B12 deficiency is not hugely common in the US as many people eat adequate amounts of dairy and animal products that are high in B vitamins. 

However, there are specific populations that are at a higher risk for B12 deficiency. 

These are some high-risk groups for B12 deficiency:

  • Those 60 years of age or older
  • Those who take certain medications such as proton pump inhibitors, metformin, H2 blockers
  • Those with atrophic gastritis
  • People who have pernicious anemia
  • Those with gastrointestinal disorders that affect the small intestines such as crohn's disease, or celiac disease 
  • Those with autoimmune disorders like graves disease or lupus
  • Those who have had gastrointestinal surgery 
  • Those on a strict vegan or vegetarian diet

What can you do about your hair loss?

Hair loss can happen for a variety of reasons -- it could be due to a genetic factor, hormone fluctuations, or it could be stress-related. To figure out if your hair loss is B12-related, ask your doctor for a blood test to check your B12 levels. 

B12 supplementation and nutrition

If your B12 levels are lower than normal you can either start eating food that is rich in B12 or supplementing (or both). 

Foods rich in B12:

  • Eggs
  • Animal meat
  • Liver
  • Fish
  • Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt

You can also supplement B12 with a 1,000-2,000 mcg daily sublingual. 

Increase scalp blood flow with regular scalp massages 

Many studies have shown that a regular scalp massage can lead to thicker hair and help improve hair loss. Participants in a 2019 study found that scalp massages helped slow down their hair loss and increase hair growth by massaging the scalp between 11-20 minutes per day for 6 months.  

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Try topical minoxidil for hair loss 

Minoxidil is a long-standing hair loss solution that has been around for decades. It’s thought to help hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. 

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Hair doctors at Strut Health treat hair loss online 

Here at Strut Health, we have a solution for your hair loss. 

If you want to try our topical hair loss formulas or oral tablets, simply complete a questionnaire-based online doctor's consultation to see if our treatments are right for you. 

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