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People Are Swearing by the Power of Azelaic Acid for Rosacea

Learn more about why azelaic works so well for rosacea including what strength is best, and how long it takes to work.

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So, you’ve been hearing all about azelaic acid and how it’s great for rosacea, huh?

Well, the rumors are true -- experts agree azelaic acid is a great treatment for rosacea.

If you, along with 14 million other Americans, deal with rosacea, you might want to look into how azelaic acid can help.

Keep scrolling to learn how azelaic acid may reduce those stubborn rosacea symptoms.

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What is azelaic acid?

Chemically speaking, azelaic acid is a naturally occurring compound found in grains like wheat, barley, and rye. (It’s safe for those who avoid gluten).

It contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which help make it an excellent skincare staple.

Azelaic acid is often used as a treatment for acne, scars, hyperpigmentation, and is an effective treatment for rosacea. It is a mild acid and exfoliator.

Azelaic acid comes in both over-the-counter and prescription strength.

What does azelaic acid do for rosacea?

When it comes to rosacea, azelaic acid has been around the block. It’s been used with great success for the treatment of the inflammatory skin condition rosacea for a long time.

Azelaic acid is an FDA-approved and dermatologist-recommended treatment for rosacea. It is a proven safe, and effective treatment for those with rosacea.

For those with rosacea azelaic acid might help reduce:

  • Redness
  • Swelling and visible blood vessels
  • Inflammation
  • Bacteria

Azelaic is a mild chemical exfoliant so it can help clear out pores, and gently encourage a faster skin cell turnover rate.

Azelaic acid can be very rosacea friendly

If you’ve heard bad things about the combination of rosacea and skincare acids - this acid is different.

It’s a great option for those with rosacea as it is one of the more gentle acids of the exfoliating acid family.

It is far gentler than glycolic acid, lactic acid, or salicylic acid -- all of which might aggravate rosacea symptoms.

Unlike stronger acids, azelaic acid can take a fair bit of time before you see results. This gentle approach is absolutely essential when it comes to rosacea.

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What strength azelaic acid is best for rosacea?

Research has shown 15% azelaic acid gel is very effective and safe for the treatment of rosacea.

15-20% azelaic acid is prescription strength and is not available OTC. This strength is also known by the brand name Finacea and has other generic forms.

Here at Strut Health, our prescription rosacea formula combines both 16% azelaic acid and the vasoconstrictor oxymetazoline, among other potential prescription ingredients.

This gentle but powerful combination works in tandem to reduce redness and swelling. The oxymetazoline works to narrow blood vessels in the skin to further reduce redness and swelling.

How long does azelaic acid take to work for rosacea?

This acid is gentle and consistent use is required to see results. It may take 4 weeks or longer before you see improvements in symptoms from using azelaic acid.

If your rosacea doesn’t improve by the 12-week mark, talk to your doctor.

In scientific research studies, 15% azelaic acid can take 15 weeks of consistent use to see significant improvements.

Prescription strength azelaic acid cream delivered to your door

With Strut Health you can skip the doctor’s waiting room. Our physicians treat rosacea online with unique compound prescriptions containing prescription-strength azelaic acid.

We’ve created a variety of powerful rosacea formulas so your treatment is personalized to you.

If you’re ready for prescription rosacea treatment, complete a questionnaire-based online doctor's consultation to see if our formulas are right for you. If our doctors find this is a good fit for you, we’ll ship your rosacea prescription right to your doorstep with free shipping.

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