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Argan Oil for Hair Growth: Can It Reduce Hair Loss or Speed Growth?

Argan oil is great for making your hair look smooth and shiny, but can it help with hair loss? Learn about the benefits of argan oil for hair growth here.

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Argan oil is an oil extracted from the fruit of the argan tree. These types of trees are commonly found in Morrocco, and the oil extracted from these fruit kernels has been used as a beauty, medicinal, and cooking agent for hundreds of years.

It is easy to come across hair care items that contain some, or are 100% argan oil. But, what can be expected when you use these products?

Some resources online claim that argan oil may help boost growth or reduce hair loss. But, does this really hold true?

Below, we will review some of the more validated benefits of using argan oil on your hair, as well as consider if these benefits extend to increased growth or slowing of hair loss. We will wrap up with our final thoughts on using argan oil and what types of effects you can reasonably expect from applying it to your hair.

What are the benefits of applying Argan oil to your hair?

Many of the potential benefits of using argan oil on your hair are to help improve the look, feel, health, and texture of the strands.

Argan is a very nourishing oil that is packed with vitamin E for healthy strands. So, you may notice increased shine and silkiness, or reduced frizziness when applying argan oil to your hair.

Argan helps to condition the hair when applied to it, and studies have shown that using argan oil after dying your hair may even help to reduce the damage done with the color processing. A study done with the bleaching of the hair also found that using a conditioner with argan oil may help increase the tensile strength of the hair as compared to not using argan oil.

This oil is also traditionally used for skin conditions, and argan oil may aid in soothing the scalp if a skin condition is present like scalp dermatitis or psoriasis.

Can Argan oil help with hair growth or reduce hair loss?

Unfortunately, there are not currently any studies showing increases in hair growth or reductions in hair loss from using argan oil, so these claims are not currently substantiated.

However, if you are losing hair from it breaking at the lengths due to damage, you may be able to help nourish the strands and remedy some of the dryness by using an oil like argan oil. Some of the breakage and split ends may be avoided by properly hydrating and conditioning your hair, and you may notice that your hair is improved in that way.

Are there any downsides to using Argan oil if you are experiencing hair loss?

There are not any downsides to using argan oil in your hair if you are experiencing hair loss. But, you should not be counting on the oil to help stop the shedding or increase hair growth.

Since this is an oil, using lots of it on already fine or thinning hair may cause the hair to look oily, weighed down, or even thinner than it is. If you are applying argan oil as a leave-in treatment for your hair, focus the application toward the mid-lengths and ends, to avoid weighing down the hair at the roots. A few drops of a concentrated oil rubbed between your palms and brushed through your hair is normally enough for some shine and frizz control.

Argan oil for hair growth: Bottom line

Argan oil is unlikely to increase your hair growth rate or stop a hair loss process, and there are not any studies backing up these claims.

But, argan oil can be great at adding shine and softness to the hair. Argan oil may even be able to help reduce hair damage after coloring or bleaching your hair, and may strengthen damaged lengths.

For some people, argan oil may help condition dry and damaged hair enough to help limit or avoid breakage and split ends which can make the hair look thin or shorter than you would like.

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While Argan oil may be a great addition to your healthy hair arsenal, it should not be expected that argan oil can stop hair loss in its tracks, especially genetic hair loss.

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