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7 Ways To Help Increase Vaginal Lubrication Without Hormones

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Vaginal dryness is a common affliction for many women, and it can be uncomfortable day-to-day, cause pain during intercourse, or be mentally distressing.

Vaginal dryness tends to stem from a reduction of estrogen in the body, whether from menopause, post-pregnancy, stress, medications, or certain medical conditions. Because of this, one of the most common prescription treatments for vaginal dryness is a prescription estrogen cream to be applied to the vaginal area.

But, there are many women who would rather not or cannot use estrogen therapy for a variety of reasons who still need help when it comes to personal dryness. Below, we will cover 7 ways to help enhance your vaginal lubrication using non-hormonal methods including lifestyle and diet changes, certain exercises, or temporary hydration from lubricant enhancing products.

1. Stay well hydrated

Essentially, all moisture in your body comes from the water contained in your blood and circulating around your body. So, staying very well hydrated can help ensure that all areas of your body, including your vagina, can extract all the fluid needed to keep everything moisturized.

Aim for at least 8 X 8-ounce cups of water a day to maintain hydration. If you skimp on the water, and are showing signs of dehydration like dry skin on your face, you are likely not drinking enough water to help with your vaginal moisture levels either.

2. Eat a nutrient-dense diet with plenty of omega 3s

You shouldn’t be scared away from fats, as healthy fats full of omega 3s help build healthy joints, skin, and cell membranes, and help keep everything moisturized and supple, including your vaginal area.

Omega 3s can be found in certain fish, seaweed, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, soy, and walnuts, or you may take an omega 3 supplement daily to ensure proper intake.

If you find that your diet has been lacking in these sources of omega 3 fatty acids, enhancing your consumption of omega 3 foods or supplements may help you out with personal dryness issues. As with any supplement, be sure to speak with your doctor before mixing anything into your routine.

3. Regular exercise

Getting your muscles moving and blood pumping on the regular isn’t just good advice for your overall health and physique, it may help enhance the blood flow to your vaginal area as well.

Increased blood flow often gives the tissues more opportunity to create the lubricating and protective vaginal fluid which is often lacking in those with vaginal dryness. So, look into starting up a regular exercise routine to get everything moving, and you just might find some relief from personal dryness issues as well.

4. Try out some personal lubricants

There are plenty of personal lubricants out on the market, and you may be able to find temporary dryness relief or reduce discomfort during intercourse by using these as needed. Using lubricants is similar to putting lotion on dry hands -- you may find temporary relief after the application, but you are not necessarily fixing the underlying problem and dryness will likely return once the product is rinsed or washed away.

You can choose a water-based lubricant that can be used along with condoms, but avoid oil-based products if you rely on condoms for birth control measures or STI prevention, as oil-based products may degrade the condom.

Natural lubricants are also sometimes used including coconut oil, or vitamin E vaginal suppositories. Avoid using lotions or creams which are not formulated for vaginal use to avoid irritation or infections.

5. Pelvic floor exercises

You need to workout all parts of the body in order to improve blood flow and keep the muscles strong, and your pelvic floor area is no different.

Trying out regular pelvic floor exercises like Kegels can be a great way to enhance blood flow to the vaginal region and keep up the muscle tone in the area. For some, this may help enhance your natural lubrication production and reduce pain or discomfort with intercourse.

6. Avoid irritating soaps and washes

Sometimes, the cause of vaginal dryness is the overwashing or poor product choice when it comes to intimate cleansing.

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, so deep washing or the use of products like douches will likely not only not help clean your vagina, but they could strip away your natural protective flora and fluids and set you up for dryness or infections.

Body washes and soaps that have lots of added scents, colors, or harsh chemicals may be too strong for the vaginal area. Choose gentle body cleansers or just warm water and only wash the external vaginal area once or twice daily in order to maintain hygiene without stripping off your protective flora.

7. Increase foreplay

Sometimes you may experience vaginal dryness during intimacy, not because there is anything wrong, but you may just be rushing into the main event too soon. Talk to your partner about including more foreplay into your intimacy to give your body time to prepare for sex.

Strut O Cream To Help Increase Your Natural Lubrication

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For some women, using this hormone-free cream 30 minutes before sexual activity may help enhance their natural lubrication production by giving the vagina an increased blood supply to derive fluid from. Strut O Cream contains prescription-only ingredients to enhance local blood flow and sensitivity, so you will need to complete a free online questionnaire-based consultation with our doctors to see if the cream is a good fit for you.

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