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7 Ways to Help Clear Clogged Pores

Want clean pores? In this article, we will cover a few tips to help keep those pores clean and clear.

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We’ve all been there - you walk into someone’s bathroom and they have one of those ultra magnifying mirror lights that gives you a good look at your pores. And that good look at your pores is, well, not always pretty.

Ultimately a pore is just a little dip in your skin, and if they aren’t cleaned properly, or skin cells build up, you are in for trouble.

In this article, we will cover a few tips to help keep those pores clean and clear.

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation isn’t just to keep flaky skin at bay, even if you have a pristine complexion exfoliating is still necessary to keep the daily shedding of dead skin cells out of your pores.

And with human shedding anywhere between 30,000 and 40,000 dead skin cells a minute, the more dead skin cell clean up you can do, the better (within reason).

For this step, you can choose between a chemical exfoliant (Alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acid) or a mechanical exfoliant (beads, cleansing brushes), but if you go mechanical keep it to gentle round beads or soft brush fibers as rougher exfoliants might be doing your skin a disservice.

2. Pore Strips

While a pore strip may do a pretty good job cleaning the top layer of skin and removing surrounding debris from the face, it may not exactly yank out every blackhead and whitehead, and some brands may be too intense for your skin.

If you are using a pore strip, use it sparingly and be sure to wash and steam your face first to ensure those pores are fully open and softened.

3. Baking Soda

Cleansing pores with a baking soda paste might help clear up blackheads.

Mix 2 parts baking soda with 1 part water and rub on clogged pore areas in a circular motion, then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Baking soda may also work as a mild exfoliant as well as keeping your skin’s pH in check.

4. Charcoal Mask

While they might be a little messy, charcoal masks are the way to go to lift out deep pore oils and impurities.

Charcoal is a master at absorbing oil and cleaning out pores and can absorb up to 200 times its weight.

5. Retinoids

Over-the-counter and prescription retinoids help you get a pore clean slate by increasing the rate of cell turnover and helping unwanted dead skin cells slough off.

The prescription retinoids work better, but also come along with more initial sensitizing side effects like redness or peeling.

But, if you can make it through the initial irritating side effects, your pores will thank you.

Strut Acne Formula contains a prescription-strength retinoid along with a topical antibiotic and skin-soothing B-vitamin to help you clear those pores and knock out that acne.

Schedule an Online Visit with our doctors today to see if Strut Acne Formula is a good fit for you (and your pores).

6. Professional Extraction

If you want those pores cleared out ASAP, the most thorough (and relaxing) way is to schedule an appointment for a facial with an extraction.

Professional extractions are a safe alternative to you poking and squeezing at those pores DIY to ensure you aren’t doing damage to your skin or spreading bacteria.

An esthetician will expertly soften, steam, and extract those pores gently while you relax.

7. Steam Bath

Make an at-home steam bath by heating up water in a bowl and then leaning over the steam with a towel covering your head for 10-20 minutes.

This might help open up and loosen any gunk in your pores and potentially help things clean out during the rest of your beauty regimen.

Follow with washing, exfoliating, and moisturizing for the best results.

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