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7 Tips To Help Hide a Receding Hairline (Plus Potential Treatment Options)

In this article, we will cover some of the easiest ways to make a receding hairline look a little less prominent, with style.

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Seeing your hairline inching backward doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel and shave it all off. But, it doesn’t mean you should revert to an old-school combover either.

There are a few modern solutions to hiding a receding hairline while you go about trying to treat the hair loss, or at the very least, make the receding look good by gracefully adjusting to the new shape.

Just because your hairline doesn’t match up with your prom picture, that doesn’t mean your hair can’t look trendy and polished. Below, we will cover some of the easiest ways to make a receding hairline look a little less prominent, with style.

1. Keep it short

This one works for just about everyone with various levels of hair loss, but shorter styles will be your friend if you don’t have the thickness and volume you once had.

You can opt for a full shave if you are gutsy, a buzz cut for a little more subtle look, or ask your stylist for their recommendation on making your hairline appear longer and fuller.

If you want to try out some styles with varying lengths, a cut with shorter sides and back with longer lengths on top will help disguise losses at the top and front of the head by making the area look darker from more hair density.

2. Use a part to your advantage

Adopting a style with a part to the side can be your friend here.

When we are looking at someone’s head, we expect to see a line of scalp in the part area, and don’t necessarily equate that to hair losses or a receding hairline.

By positioning your part on a receding temple area, and swooping it to the other side of your head, you can manage to make the classic forehead “M”-shape less obvious and more polished.

3. Skip straight-up or straight-back styles

Straight up spiky styles or tight slicked back looks may make a thinning crown or receding hairline more obvious.

These directions separate the hairs right in line with what someone talking to you straight on will see, making the scalp through the hair much more prominent.

What you want is something styled at a subtle angle that covers a good amount of scalp surface.

We aren’t talking about straight over left-to-right as this can appear obvious and strange, but experiment with a few variations of diagonal swipes to see what looks good while also minimizing the amount of scalp you can see.

4. Avoid greasiness

Nothing takes away volume and thickness like matting the hair down with heavy, gunky gels or skipping one too many shampoos.

Clean the hair and scalp often to let the hair spring up a little more and give the appearance of more fullness.

5. Balance it out with some facial hair

A receding hairline can throw off the balance of hair to face, making the change in your coiffeur more obvious.

Help balance your overall look and draw attention away from your hairline by trying out some facial-hair styles.

Whether you opt for a full beard and ‘stache combo, or just work the stubble angle, more hair on your face can help make a changing hairline look better.

6. Opt for lightweight volumizing products

Just because you are now avoiding the heavier hair products doesn’t mean you have to go completely without.

Invest in some light foams, salt sprays, and texturizers, to maintain a trendy style without matting down your locks.

7. Be hands-on with your styling

Going to town brushing or combing your hair can quickly tamp the volume out of it.

Get your hands into your styling session to give yourself a casual and tousled look without flattening everything out too much.

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Helping to hide a receding hairline is just one part of the equation.

If you want your hair to look as full as possible for as long as possible, you may want to look into hair regrowth and maintenance medications when you first notice changes in your hairline.

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