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6 Reasons Why a Compounded Rosacea Cream May Be a Better Treatment Option

When it comes to rosacea treatment options, you may opt for a compounded cream for these 6 reasons. Learn what they are here.

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Not everyone knows about compounding pharmacies and the benefits and flexibility that they may offer when it comes to treating certain conditions.

Some of these benefits include the ability for prescribers to order prescriptions in an “outside of the box” way. For instance, compounding offers flexibility in dosage forms, strengths, and even how many active ingredients can be combined into one formula.

Some conditions seem to be especially suited to this customized form of treatment, and rosacea seems to be one of them.

Below, we will outline 6 reasons why considering a compounded rosacea option may be a better treatment choice for you.

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1. Rosacea does not present the same in everyone

Rosacea treatment can be tricky because technically there are 4 “types” of rosacea: erythematotelangiectatic, papulopustular, phymatous, and ocular. And, you may not necessarily have only 1 type. Someone with rosacea can deal with a combination of all 4 types at once, 2 or 3 types, or deal with solidly only 1 type. 

For instance, one person with rosacea may primarily deal with intensely flushing cheeks all day long, while another person may only have minimal redness but battle constant small rosacea pustules and irritated eyes. This is due to a combination of different rosacea types.

Basically, it can get complicated, and mean that you may benefit from a combination of active ingredients to help target different types. Compounding may offer the flexibility for a doctor to customize a medication to your exact presentation.

2. Sometimes multiple active ingredients are needed to address all rosacea symptoms

As we hinted at above, rosacea symptoms can get complicated, and need a few different medications to get everything under control. 

Most commercially available medications contain just one active ingredient, meaning that if you discover that a combination of 2 or 3 actives work the best for your rosacea symptoms, you may find yourself juggling (and paying for) multiple creams.

With compounding, the problem of multiple active ingredients can be solved by simply formulating the medication with all of your desired ingredients together into one simple formulation.

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3. Strengths can be tailored to your needs

Commercially available medications and creams normally need to select a small number of available strengths to try to cater to most people. But, some people may find that the strength that works the best for their symptoms (without going overboard) may not be available in the commercially available items.

Compounding helps to solve this issue, because each formulation is specifically mixed up for you according to the prescription written by a doctor and can include whatever strength the doctor feels is best for your situation.

If one commercial strength seems to be too high, and one too low, your compound may settle on a percentage between the two. Or, maybe you are extra sensitive to active ingredients and need to try a lower strength than what is available. Compounding can help with situations like these.

4. Adjustments can be easily made on subsequent fills

You are already getting your prescription made up specifically for you each time. So, as you use your formula and feel it out, if you find that adjustments need to be made, it is way easier with compounding. 

Here at Strut, we offer free and unlimited follow-ups when you get your prescriptions through us. So, if something needs adjusting on your next fill, you can reach out to your doctor when you are ready to refill, and they can assess the situation and order adjustments as needed.

With the rigid a-few-sizes-fits-all nature of commercially available medications, adjustments may not be as easy of a task.

5. You may find cost savings by having your rosacea active ingredients consolidated into one cream

Some people may discover cost savings in their rosacea treatment regimen by opting for the compounded route. 

If you are currently investing in a few pricey prescription creams to handle your rosacea, you may discover that having the same active ingredients compounded together for ease of use may even equate to more money saved each month. Plus, with Strut, we pride ourselves on offering very competitive cash prices on the most popular rosacea active ingredients.

6. You are under the guidance and expertise of doctors and pharmacists

If you are trying to control your rosacea with over-the-counter creams to no avail, you made find some relief by venturing into the world of prescription rosacea treatments. Prescription rosacea treatments offer you the expertise of a doctor’s opinion about your skin, and the training of a pharmacist to put together and dispense your order.

If it is the ease of over-the-counter treatments that you like, and don’t want to head in for an in-person office visit. Telemedicine services that specialize in compounds like Strut Health can offer you free online consultations and shipped customized creams all from the comfort of your own home.

Strut Health customized prescription rosacea formulations online

There are a few conditions that really benefit from the flexibility and customization available with the use of a compounding pharmacy, and rosacea is definitely one of them.

At Strut, we work with active ingredients like Azelaic Acid, Oxymetazoline, Metronidazole, and Ivermectin, prescribed in strengths and combinations as needed for your exact rosacea symptoms.

If you are interested in seeing if a custom compounded rosacea cream is a good option for you, simply select the Strut Rosacea Formula, and complete your free online questionnaire and image-based consultation in under 15 minutes.

A U.S. licensed doctor will review your information and choose a formulation suited to you, if appropriate. Then, your prescription order will be made at a compounding pharmacy and shipped to your front door with our fast and free shipping.

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