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6 Reasons a Prescription Retinoid May Be a Better Choice for You Than OTC Options

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Venturing into the world of retinoids can be confusing. Can you pick some up at Target? Should you get it through your dermatologist instead? What do the different strengths mean? How are you supposed to apply it?

It can take a lot of time reading up on retinoids to get a handle on the dos and don’ts. But, before you get to that point, the first choice is, are you going to use an OTC retinoid or a prescription one?

There is not a blanket answer for everyone. The best retinoid for you will depend on your current skin, your ultimate skin goals, your general sensitivity level, and your patience level.

Jumping right into a prescription retinoid over the non-RX stuff is not the best answer for everyone, but it may be a good start for some people. Below, we will highlight 6 reasons why you (or your skin) may prefer and possibly get a better response from going for a prescription option.

1. You have already tried an OTC retinoid, but didn’t get any results

For some people, it can be wise to start out with the over-the-counter options to stick your toes into the retinoid pool. You may be able to gauge any potential irritation, get into the habit of extra moisturizing, or, you may even achieve all the skin benefits you need with these less intense products.

But, that is not always the case for everyone. If you have already given some over-the-counter options a fighting chance, but they just aren’t giving you the results you want or expect -- it might be time for a prescription option.

2. You do not have an overly dry or sensitive skin type

If you think that a prescription retinoid option route is the way you want to go, you may want to consider your skin type first. If your skin is chronically dry and flaky even with regular moisturizer, or your skin tends to be very sensitive and react to seemingly everything, jumping right into the retinoid deep end with RX options may not be your best bet.

However, if your skin handles anything you throw at it like a champ, and dryness has never really been an issue (or oiliness has), your skin may be a better fit to try out the stronger prescription retinoids right off the bat.

3. You are battling severe acne or scarring

There are certain skin situations that simply may be too difficult to be taken care of by an OTC retinoid alone, since they are considerably less strong than the RX options.

If your issue is severe inflammatory acne, or deep acne scarring that you want to help level out, it may be smart to get into the stronger stuff right away and not waste your time (or money) on OTC retinoids that probably won’t be able to handle these more intense skin situations.

4. You want results sooner, and can handle an adjustment period

Prescription retinoids can give you results sooner as far as acne and anti-aging benefits go, but they can also cause a more intense adjustment (read: purging/breakout) period before you get there. 

If a more intense adjustment period sounds worth it to you if the results may be better or happen sooner, you may want to go with prescription options.

5. You want the guidance of a doctor during treatment

One of the big benefits of getting a prescription retinoid is the medical professional that writes the prescription for you. They are likely experts in skincare and are well trained on prescription retinoids to help them select the correct strength, and application regimen, and evaluate your skin to make sure you are a good fit for treatment. You won’t get a medical professional’s opinion and expertise by just selecting a random retinol from your local drugstore.

6. You are good at sticking to your skincare and sunscreen routines

Retinoids are not known to be easy. In fact, they can be downright temperamental if you do not have a solid skincare and sunscreen routine to help smooth out the issues that come along with retinoid use.

Prescription retinoids almost demand that you moisturize twice daily, go gentle on other actives, and use sunscreen daily to get a good outcome and avoid upsetting your moisture barrier. So, if you struggle with regular moisturizing and daily sunscreen is a “maybe” for you, starting a strong retinoid may not be the best option.

However, if moisturizing is second nature to you, and heading out for your day without sunscreen just feels wrong -- you might be able to handle the addition of a prescription retinoid way easier, without having to switch up too much in your current routine.

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