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6 Beauty Treatments To Avoid Doing at Home (Leave These for the Professionals)

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1. Avoid cutting your own hair

Yes, we know that you are probably going stir crazy right now and starting to consider doing something drastic to your hair to shake things up - but, put down the scissors.

While something really simple like a small trim to the bangs you already have or minor split end care is probably easy enough to do at home, save diving into that shoulder-length bob or bangs starting from scratch to the professionals.

Because just waiting it out to go to the hairdresser is a lot better than making a mistake and then having to stick with your lopsided bob or baby bangs long term.

Do a coconut oil hair mask 1-2 times a week to help calm down those dead ends and help you hold out for a professional trim later.

2. Don’t take up doing your own eyebrows for the first time

Sure, plucking a few stray hairs here and there is fine, but avoid taking to your brows for a full overhaul right now.

Eyebrow hairs are weird, and for some, plucking too much out due to boredom can mean those hairs never really grow back.

The fuller brow look is in right now anyway, so give in to minor adjustments, but then let your brows grow out and do their thing for a while.

Who knows, maybe you will end up liking the full brow look?

3. Save pore extractions for the pros

Even if all the stress and extra quarantine snacks have left your complexion looking very much in need of a facial, leave the professional extractions to a professional.

Aestheticians may make pore extractions look easy, but attempting them at home can lead to irritation, scarring, and worsening blackheads or acne.

Ride out the urge to self-extract, and just opt for a clay mask 1-2 times weekly instead.

4. Attempting home waxing

This is painful enough when left to the professionals, so just imaging what damage can be done when in the hands of someone trying out waxing for the first time.

Even if shaving is not your go-to means of hair removal, it is much simpler than waxing and may be best to rely on right now.

5. Bleaching at home

A hair color change may be a fun way to quell the boredom of a weekend night-in when you would rather be out on the town, but choose your colors wisely.

The safest route would be to choose a coloring conditioner for a slight color change, since these tend to even boost the health of your hair at the same time.

But, if you absolutely must go for a box dye, something around the same color or slightly darker is always easier and more gentle on your hair than going lighter.

So, have your hair fun, but save a lighter change for the professionals.

6. Anything injectable

Even if you are a Botox queen and you take it like a champ in an office setting, leaping into facial injections on your own is a no.

Be it Botox, fillers, or cortisone shots to whither a brutal acne cyst, it’s never a good idea for at-home facial injections.

Give all of these invasive measures a rest until you can get back to the derm office, and delve into safer topical beauty measures during this time.

Our Strut Brightly cream is a great daily topical beauty cream with a Botox-like peptide that can be applied to the skin in the morning - who knows, maybe you will end up ditching the needle for good.

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