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5 Ways Telemedicine Visits Can Save You Time

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Extra time can be difficult to find when you are juggling a job, workouts, kids, significant others, chores, housework, leisure time, etc.

Needing medical care or the eyes and opinions of a doctor is a normal part of everyday life that none of us can escape. So, the easier it is to get something “checked out”, the sooner you can get back to your (probably already packed) to-do list.

Telemedicine services may be able to help you take that doctor’s visit from a half-day venture, to something you can knock out in less than half an hour.

Below, we will outline 5 ways that utilizing a telemedicine service over an in-person visit can save you precious minutes (or hours) in your day.

1. No commute to the doctor’s office

Sometimes you simply can’t get out of the in-person appointment. Some medical conditions require testing, palpation, or they are just more complicated than what an online environment can handle.

However, for the common day-to-day health annoyances like skin issues, sexual health concerns, or hair loss, doctors are able to do their job just fine with a simple telemedicine visit, video, questionnaire, or voice chat.

By utilizing telemedicine for issues like the ones listed above, let’s say you save yourself a 30-minute drive each way -- already you are up 1 hour on the day as compared to an in-person visit.

2. No waiting rooms

Even after the commute, you normally don’t just stroll right in and start your appointment right away. The waiting rooms await.

The time spent in a waiting room can often be 30-60 minutes, not to mention the possibility of an additional 15-30 minute wait once you are tucked into the examination room.

At the high end, you might be finding yourself 1.5 hours into your arrival at the office, without even having begun your consultation yet.

3. No time spent having to find child care or elder care options

Aside from the obvious waiting rooms and commute times, there can be extra time and effort spent just preparing to use a chunk of your day at the doctor’s office.

If you have small children or elderly persons that you care for, this may mean you have to set about finding appropriate care for them during your appointment.

4. No trips to the pharmacy afterward (sometimes)

Another potential time-saving bonus to telemedicine consults (depending on the issue and service), is that you may be able to skip the trip to the pharmacy and have any required medications shipped to you instead.

Unless you need the medication immediately, having the option of a shipped treatment can save you time and hassle at the pharmacy.

A trip to the pharmacy can take just a few minutes, but with hiccups, this can be a 30 minute or more side trip.

5. You stay more compliant with visits

While this time savings made not be quite as obvious as some of the others mentioned here, staying more compliant with your medications, treatments, and health care can save you time in the future by avoiding complications or exacerbations of your conditions.

For instance, if you are a diabetic who tends to miss your periodic check-ups due to the hassle, you may be more likely to experience the need for emergency care than if you had stayed consistent with your doctor’s visits.

If a telemedicine visit or virtual check-up can make it simpler for you to fit these visits into your schedule, this may mean better compliance, adherence to treatments, and an overall more controlled health situation.

Strut Health telemedicine visits for common health concerns

Here at Strut, we identified the need for faster and easier access to high-quality medical care for easily diagnosable and treatable common health conditions.

We connect you with U.S. licensed doctors and U.S. pharmacies to help you get the medical care you deserve without taking up more of your time than necessary.

We can treat a range of common conditions for men and women including sexual health concerns, skin conditions, nail fungus, and hair loss.

If you are interested in taking care of one of these situations online, you can have a free online questionnaire and image-based consultation with our doctors in about 10-15 minutes.

If you are a good candidate for treatment, your medication can be shipped to your door with our fast and free shipping.

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