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5 Reasons Why Staying at Home More Can Make Your Skin Sensitive

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A lot of people are staying at home right now - nearly all the time.

And this huge change to the usual structure of our days can end up showing up on your face in terms of increased sensitivity to products that used to be no problem, random breakouts, increased dryness, or just an overall out of whack skin situation.

There are a few reasons why staying at home all the time can be taking a toll on your skin.

Read on for 7 possible reasons why your skin is not happy with this change of events to help give you some insight into getting everything back on track.

1. You are trying out a lot more products

If you are already the kind of person who loves those evenings and long weekends because you get to dive into some new beauty products and go all out on a 10 step skincare routine, having a lot more extra home time on your hands might end up backfiring.

Trying out new products is great, but make sure you ease your skin into them.

Stay away from trying out 5 new skincare products that you dug out of the back of your cabinet, as sometimes a good thing can be too much as far as your skin goes.

Constantly having your skin react to a smattering of new products day after day can eventually lead it to start feeling super sensitive and break down its natural protective barriers, leading to more skin issues.

So, go ahead and have your new product fun, but add new skincare products in one by one and pay close attention to how your skin is reacting to the product before reaching for another.

2. You are using a lot fewer products

Some people may go the other way with their increased home-time, and use a whole lot less skincare products right now.

But, just because you may not be putting on makeup every day, doesn’t mean that your skin doesn’t still need some love.

Readjust to a no-makeup new normal, but make sure you don’t leave out the stuff that is great for your skin like moisturizers, cleansers, and nutrient-dense serums that keep your skin happy, hydrated, and glowing.

3. Your stress levels are going up

Adjusting to a stay-at-home order, watching the news, or trying out working from home for the first time can be stressful, and your skin may be protesting.

Keep an eye on your stress levels and try to develop some new habits that can help you keep stress levels at bay daily.

Even though you may not be able to meet up with friends over drinks to vent and de-stress, work in video chats with friends and family, pick up yoga or meditation, and try to keep your exercise routine going to help keep stress levels down and keep your skin happy.

4. You aren’t following your usual diet

If you were on a pretty smooth schedule of popping by your favorite juice spot on the way to work, packing a nutrient-dense salad for lunch, and then ordering in something healthy for dinner, your skin was probably totally adjusted to all that good stuff too.

With your schedule a little changed up right now, your eating habits may be following suit, and that may not be good news for your skin.

Make sure to not survive solely on pantry snacks, and if your skin is looking a little worse for the wear, try to work in some of your healthy well-balanced meals to make sure you are giving your skin (and yourself) the nutrients you need to shine.

5. You aren’t drinking enough water

The same thing goes with beverages.

You have more freedom right now to be right next to your fridge packed with all of your favorite beverages, so with your schedule turned around, you may not be sticking to your highly hydrated habits of the past.

Treat yourself to a coffee, soda, or sweetened beverage of your choice throughout the day, but make sure the majority of your drinks are still water to make sure you (and your skin) are staying properly hydrated.


Readjustment to a different schedule can be tough on you and your skin.

But with a little planning and adjusting, your skin will hopefully be on the upswing in no time.

Try to develop and stick to a new schedule full of good food, lots of water, stress-relieving techniques, and a gentle skincare routine to help get your skin back on track.

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