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14 Ways To Pamper Yourself at Home

There are many ways to pamper yourself at home for some self-care. Learn about 14 great ways to give yourself a little R&R, whenever you need it.

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You don’t always need to go out to treat yourself. There are plenty of easy and inexpensive ways to pamper yourself at home and have a relaxing evening that makes you feel like you just went all out at the spa.

Read on for 14 things you can do at home to have some much-needed self-care time.

1. Take a hot bath

This one seems obvious, but it is completely necessary. Take your everyday bath up a notch by mixing in some epsom salt, chamomile tea (really!), bubble bath, or dissolving your favorite bath bomb. Finish setting the epic bath mood by lighting some candles, putting on some spa tunes, and dimming the lights. To really amp up the relaxation, invest in a bath pillow to fully recline in comfort, because once you go bath pillow you never go back.

2. Infuse some water

Staying properly hydrated is in itself a self-care activity, but to make hydration luxurious mix in some extras to infuse over the course of a few hours. Lemons, oranges, mint, and cucumbers are a great option for infusing - but don’t let us limit you, check out your fridge and get creative with your infusion concoctions.

3. Get your legs silky smooth

Nothing feels better than freshly shaved and exfoliated legs when you slip into bed, so pamper yourself with a few extra steps. Get out your exfoliating skin scrubs, or mix up your own using some sugar and oil, and really scrub down those legs. Then, while the scrub is still on, shave off all that hair and dead skin. Rinse off, dry with a towel, and then finish up with your silkiest body lotion to take your legs to epic heights of smoothness.

4. Face and hair mask up

These need to be on the list, and can easily be combined with a few other activities here to make your pampering night super-efficient. Fresh out of sheet masks and professional hair masks? No problem - google a few simple face and hair masks made out of common kitchen items to surprise yourself with your resourcefulness.

5. Treat yourself to a professional night cream

Bored of your go-to grocery store night cream? Treat yourself with an order of a pharmaceutical-grade brightening or anti-aging cream using prescription ingredients. Have a quick 10-15 minute consultation with doctors online at to see if these professional formulas are a good fit for your skin goals. If you are a good candidate for treatment, your leveled-up beauty cream can be shipped to your front door with free 2-day shipping.

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6. Wear your plushest robe

Pamper yourself night is the time to set those sweats and tees aside and slip into something more luxe. Dig out your fluffiest robe and favorite pretty underthings to truly treat yourself.

7. Do your nails

Sprucing up your nails is one of the quickest ways to feel pampered. So, trim, file, and paint your nails a fun color to complete your treat yourself night.

8. Lay out some snacks

Treating yourself wouldn’t be complete without having tasty and healthy snacks laid out for casual munching.

Slice up some fruit & veg and set out some hummus, crackers, guac, salsa, and nuts for guilt-free nourishing snacking.

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9. Make or order in your favorite dinner

Treat yourself to your favorite meal, whether you tend to go for take-out lo mein, or you like getting into the kitchen a whipping up a zesty pesto pasta. Sink into your favorite spot on the couch with your favorite dinner and turn on a guilty pleasure reality T.V. show for some top-notch you time.

10. Digital detox for the night

Being available all of the time can be draining, so schedule out an evening where you can turn off your phone, shut down your laptop, and have a full-on no-electronics night.

11. Read a book or browse a magazine

Reading can work wonders to get out of your own head and escape into another reality for a while. Pick out a new fantasy read you have been eyeing, or grab a few frivolous magazines to page through while sipping your favorite beverage to have some pampering reading time.

12. Put on some relaxing music

Choosing some relaxing tunes is a must for a well-constructed pampering night. People tend to have different preferences for what is relaxing so you do you here. Go for a spa songs playlist, ambient music, jazz, or chill pop music to set the tone for your evening.

13. Use candles or a diffuser

Don’t forget to make sure that your home smells great for your pampering night. Light a few scented candles or whip out your diffuser with your favorite essential oils to make your home smell like a fancy spa.

14. Watch some fun T.V. or favorite movie

Part of treating yourself is taking the time to watch something fun or silly and chill out. Depending on what you are into, pick out a romantic comedy, nature documentary, funny T.V. show, or just rewatch your go-to familiar favorites.

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