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12 Tips All Women With Thin Hair Should Know

Whether you naturally have thinner hair, or you are dealing with some hair loss, these 12 tips can help you add some volume to those locks.

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Whether you naturally have thinner hair, or you are dealing with some hair loss, these 12 tips can help you add some volume to those locks.

1. Cool it on heat styling

Damaged hair isn’t a good look no matter how thick your hair is, but when it is thin, extra damage may be extra noticeable.

Everyone knows that heat styling is bad for your hair, so if you need to reach for that straightener or curling iron every once in a while, at least be sure to apply a spray-on heat protectant beforehand.

Or, have a few easy heat-free styling ideas up your sleeve.

2. Boost your nutrients to reduce hair loss

Some hair loss can occur if you are not giving your body (and hair) the things it needs to thrive.

Eat a nutrient-rich diet full of plenty of protein, B vitamins, and collagen to make sure your eating habits aren’t affecting your coiffeur.

Not sure if you are getting enough hair health vitamins and minerals? Pop a hair, skin, and nails vitamin every day to know you are giving your hair your all.

3. Give yourself a scalp massage

A scalp massage feels awesome, and can also make sure that our hair follicles are getting plenty of blood flow and stimulation to keep up the growth.

Massage your hair for a few minutes while washing it, and your partner for a spine-tingling head massage, or pick up one of those weird metal head massagers.

4. Stay away from super long lengths

You may want to go for a “long hair don’t care” summer, but with thin hair longer lengths can actually make hair look stringy and thinner than it is.

Stick with medium to shorts lengths to avoid dragging down your locks and give you a thicker look.

5. Texturizing spray is your friend

Naturally thin and fine hair tends to be super silky, which is awesome for stick-straight glossy styles.

But, when it comes to volume, curls, or waves, thin hair tends to struggle to hold a shape.

Invest in a high-quality light texturizing spray to spritz some volume into thin locks, and give your strands some grit to hold the effortless waves look together.

6. Keep it clean

While you don’t want to overwash, keeping thin hair relatively clean can help prevent fine hair from turning into a flat oil slick.

Try for an every-other-day washing routine to help keep those roots as volumized as possible.

7. Only condition the ends

Conditioner is great to boost hydration on dry ends, but when it gets added towards the roots of your hair is can really weigh down thin hair.

Also, unlike the ends of your hair, your roots are closer to your scalp so they tend to get plenty of moisture from your natural scalp oil production.

Apply conditioner only from your mid-lengths down to see if you can achieve a thicker and more lifted look.

8. Keep your trim appointments (but skip the layers)

Getting regular trims (every 6-8 weeks) at your stylist can help even the thinnest of strands look thicker and more voluminous.

And, while you are speaking with your stylist, ask for a more blunt cut like a stylish bob to amp up the thickness of your hair.

Heavily layered cuts may work great on thick hair, but with thinner hair, it can drastically reduce the volume of the ends leaving you with a stringy appearance towards the bottom.

9. Deep condition regularly

While you don’t want to do this every wash to make sure you aren’t weighing hair down, deep conditioning once a week or so can actually help fill in and bulk out damaged portions of your hair, making it look and feel thicker.

10. Use color as a thickness illusion

If you are shunning all hair color to try and keep your hair looking thicker, you may actually be missing out on a good way to add a thickness illusion to your hair.

Talk to your stylist about adding dimension to your hair with color to achieve a thicker appearance, or which colors may work to deposit color and help bulk out strands.

11. Flip upside down

When you do have to go for a blow-dry, flip your head upside down and dry that way.

Hair tends to want to stay in the shape it dried in, so going with gravity during a dry can help give your roots more volume for days to come.

12. Round it out

As a complement to the upside-down drying, use a round brush to round out your strands and build in even more volume.

In contrast to a flat paddle brush which tends to bat down the hair, just adding in a round brush to your drying technique might single-handedly make your hair look thicker.

Hair still too thin? Strut can help.

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