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10 Stress Relieving Activities To Do While Quarantining

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The latest developments of the Coronavirus pandemic have everyone a little on edge, and many parts of the world are now implementing mandatory or suggested home quarantines - whether you are feeling sick or not.

We are all for everyone staying in as much as possible to do your part to reduce the spread of the virus and prevent exposure to the more fragile among us. #FlattenTheCurveBut, just because you are going to be a homebody for a while doesn’t mean you can’t add in a healthy dose of self-care and relaxing activities to make this time a little better.

Read on for 10 suggestions of relaxing home activities that can help you calm down and maybe even boost your mental and physical wellbeing while you are at it.

1. Catch up on your reading

Revisit some of your old favorite books on your shelf, or pick out something new on your e-reader or phone to help you pass the time with your nose in a book.

Reading is a great way to get out of your own head for a little bit if you are mildly freaking out over current events, while also giving you a sense of accomplishment for being so scholarly.

2. Have a soak in the bath

A relaxing soak can be a great way to unwind and pamper yourself when you are planning on staying in for a while.

And, if you add some Epsom Salt to the water, some of the magnesium in the salts can be absorbed through your skin and may help improve your mood, release stress, calm your mind, or maybe even help boost serotonin levels.

Take your bath to next level relaxation by lighting some candles, pouring yourself a glass of wine, and adding in bubbles or a bath bomb.

3. Bake or cook something special

Having some extra time on your hands is a great way to use up some of those pantry items to whip up those lemon poppy seed muffins you have been craving.

Or, treat yourself to a fancy dinner that takes some serious prep time like actually figuring out how to use that pasta maker that you got for Christmas three years ago to make homemade fettuccine.

You will have something tasty to eat and may even upgrade your cooking or baking skills while you are at it.

And, if you are feeling especially anxious at the moment, certain foods such as berries, spinach, dark chocolate, oranges, or herbal teas might help you dial down your news-induced anxiety.

4. Listen to your favorite music

Dredge up your favorite playlists from years ago to rediscover old favorites, or get familiar with some new tunes to help break up the monotony of hunkering down for a while.

Putting on some relaxing jazz or classical music in the background can work wonders in terms of elevating a quiet night in, and studies suggest that just listening to music that you like can increase self-reported levels of relaxation.

5. Apply your favorite face and hair treatments

Because, are you really relaxing if you haven’t done a cosmetic face mask?

Bring out your favorite face serums and treatments to feel pampered while you are hanging around the house, and if you are being extra fancy - apply your go-to hair mask or deep conditioning treatment while you are at it.

Our favorite lush skin booster is our Strut Brightly Formula with Vitamin C, Niacinamide, and Hyaluronic Acid.

This compounded brightening and hydrating cream is pharmaceutical-grade and prescription-only, but can be prescribed online in minutes and shipped to your door with our free 2-day shipping.

6. Follow a yoga or meditation tutorial on YouTube

Nearly everyone has access to YouTube at their home, and there is a vast amount of quality yoga and meditation tutorials that you can follow along to, for all ranges of physical ability or attention span.

The studies are pretty consistent with the potential stress-relieving abilities of yoga and meditation, with no downsides to giving either one a try (as long as you don’t push yourself too hard and pull a muscle.)

7. Video chat with your friends and family

If you are currently staying in for a prolonged period of time, it is even more important than usual to make sure you are getting healthy levels of human interaction (and no, your cat doesn’t count.)Schedule video chats with your friends and family to stay in touch, or pick up the phone for a good old fashioned call.

Staying in touch with your loved ones can help you keep your stress levels in check during quarantine, and if they are also staying in, they will likely get a mood boost from chatting with you too.

8. Catch up on your sleep

Sleep deprivation can increase self-reported levels of anxiety, depression, and general distress, so making sure you are getting enough sleep is key for maintaining a healthy mental outlook during this time.

If you are normally a chronic caffeine addict who gets through the day fueled by coffee and 5 hours of sleep, take this time to slow down a little bit and aim for your full 7-8 hours a night to keep stress levels down.

Did your work switch you to work from home for a while? Maybe exchange that saved commuting time for a treat-yourself nap if you need one.

9. Get romantic with your partner

All this extra time at home is the perfect opportunity to put in some quality sexy time with your partner if you live together (as long as both of you are not feeling sick.)A healthy sex life can be a great way to relieve all the stress that is creeping up through reading jarring headlines all day, as well as boosting the hormone Oxytocin to help you feel connected, calm, and relaxed.

If you or your partner use prescription medications for sexual issues such as ED or PE, you can even utilize online telemedicine sexual health doctors to get your medication shipped to your door - without having to venture out to the pharmacy.

Here at, we carry erectile dysfunction medications, premature ejaculation medications, and a scream cream for women which can be prescribed online in minutes and shipped to your front door with our free 2-day shipping.

10. Watch a new movie or favorite TV show

Most people don’t need an excuse to regularly binge-watch their favorite TV shows, but maybe now you don’t have to feel bad about letting Netflix roll into that 6th episode in a row.

And, while this may not be the most productive use of your time, pick out some educational documentaries, nature shows, or a biopic of someone inspiring to feel good about cozying up on the couch for a while.

Or just go ahead and watch your favorite comedy for the 100th time, because we can all use a little therapeutic laughter once in a while.

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