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Introducing Strut Consultant & Hormone Expert: Dr. Tara Scott (Video)

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Introducing Strut Consultant & Hormone Expert: Dr. Tara Scott (Video)

(Video Transcript)

Hi, I’m Dr. Tara Scott! I am so excited to be announcing a partnership with Strut Health as one of their clinical advisory teams.

My background is that I got my start as a traditionally trained OB-GYN, spent a lot of years delivering babies, doing surgery, and then really saw a need to get a niche with women’s health and hormones. 

So, I went on to become a certified menopause practitioner for the North American Menopause Society. Later, went on to get a second board certification in functional medicine, and a third in integrative medicine.

So, with that subset of knowledge, I’ve made it my mission, and I’ve even been called the hormone guru, to educate people about women’s health, wellness, men’s health, even, anything hormonally related, anything that is in the preventative round. 

That’s why I’m so excited to partner with Strut Health to bring to you education that can help you get a more personalized version of your health.

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