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Is Adenosine Applied Topically Good for Hair Growth?

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Adenosine topical formulas for hair are the latest trend for hair growth.

But how does Adenosine work for hair growth and how does it compare to other hair growth ingredients out there? (We are looking at you Minoxidil.)

In this article, we will outline how Adenosine works for hair growth, how it compares to Minoxidil, how to use Adenosine, and where to find it.

The History of Adenosine

Adenosine has a long history in the science world, and I bet most of you had a nice big cup of adenosine receptor chemicals with a little cream and sugar this morning.

Caffeine - Caffeine works by attaching to Adenosine receptors in the body and blocking the attachment of Adenosine, causing alertness.

In one study, the intake of caffeine equivalent to 4-5 cups of coffee displaced 50% of Adenosine off of Adenosine receptors.

Heart Stress Test - Adenosine is great for opening up vessels to increase blood flow similar to exercise, which is why Adenosine is one of the medications your doctor may give you before having you do a heart stress test to assess the health of your heart.

Antiarrhythmic - Adenosine is sometimes used as a medication to convert an abnormally fast heart rate (arrhythmia) into a normal rate.

ATP - Adenosine is a component of ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate. You can think of this as the energy currency of the body.

DNA/RNA - Adenosine is a nucleoside, which can be adapted into a nucleotide. You know, the building blocks of DNA and RNA. Adenosine is part of the “A” in the A,T/U,C, and G’s of DNA and RNA.

Adenosine vs. Minoxidil

One study compared topical Minoxidil against topical Adenosine for hair loss treatment in males.

The results found that after 3 and 6 months, the relative recovery rates for hair loss were about the same between the two groups, and were not significantly different.

The interesting part is that when the patients self-reported how happy they were with the treatment. The Adenosine side had significantly higher patient satisfaction.

This higher user satisfaction is most likely due to the quicker appearance of new hairs, and the quicker reduction of further hair loss.

So, while we need some more studies on the comparison of the two chemicals, this study gives Adenosine a promising start.

Adenosine for Female and Male pattern hair loss

A study conducted on caucasian males with male pattern hair loss found that topically applied Adenosine for 6 months lead to a significantly higher hair density, and an increase in the proportion of thick hairs with no reported side effects!

In a study for female pattern hair loss, Adenosine was found to produce a significant improvement in hair growth rate and thick hair rate when applied twice daily for 12 months.

So, even though male and female pattern hair loss may have different mechanisms, it appears that Adenosine can lead to a significant improvement in both men and women.

How does Adenosine help for hair growth?

Adenosine is thought to increase hair growth by increasing the production of endothelial growth factors in the scalp tissue.

And, as you wisely suspected - more hair growth factors = more hair growth.

Adenosine is also a vasodilator and may help with hair growth by increasing blood flow (and thus delivery of oxygen and nutrients) to the scalp area.

Topical Adenosine side effects

The great thing about topical Adenosine is that from the current studies, we are not seeing any reported side effects.

This makes sense because this is applied externally in low doses and should not get into the whole body in any significant amount.

However, this does not apply to when Adenosine is ingested or injected, which can have side effects including flushing, trouble breathing, chest pain, dizziness, tingling in the arms, and numbness.

To be on the safe side, review the use of topical Adenosine with all of your healthcare providers especially if you have cardiovascular issues.

How to use Adenosine hair products?

Adenosine hair products can be used once or twice daily and gently massaged into a clean, dry scalp.

Wash your hands after application and allow the product to dry.

You should not expect any side effects from the topical application of adenosine.

Where to find Adenosine hair products

You can find Adenosine in certain hair products that will likely list it on the front or back label, it is sometimes listed as ATP as well.

For the highest quality products, we advise that you use pharmaceutical grade Adenosine compounded into a hair solution or gel.

Our Strut Hair Formula contains pharmaceutical-grade Adenosine, Minoxidil, and Spironolactone for a potent and evidence-based hair recovery option.



Adenosine plays many scientific roles, from DNA building to heart stress tests.

Studies have shown Adenosine to be similarly effective for hair growth as Minoxidil hair formulations.

Adenosine has shown promise for both male and female pattern hair loss.

Adenosine is thought to work by increasing certain growth factors in the skin cells on the scalp and increasing blood flow to the area.

So far, we have not seen side effects reported for topically applied Adenosine.

Topical Adenosine can be applied to the scalp once or twice daily to a clean, dry scalp.


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